June 10, 2023

Labyrinth of Egypt is among the themes slot gacor maxwin in Escape Simulator and there are 5 rooms in it.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of Labyrinth of Egypt – First Chamber in Escape Simulator.

All eight token places are additionally listed under.

Escape Simulator: Labyrinth Of Egypt First Chamber Walkthrough

Open the suitcase

To start with, open the suitcase to get the entire supplies you want.

Escape Simulator: Labyrinth Of Egypt First Chamber

Accumulate pyramid elements

You’ll then must accumulate pyramid elements to type a full pyramid.

Break the vase to get one of many items inside.

Escape Simulator: Labyrinth Of Egypt First Chamber guide

There’s additionally one it’s best to discover on the ground. They’re all purple in shade.

To get the following piece, you must take the sphinx from the center.

Press open the tile and it’ll reveal darkness in it. The image on the sphinx corresponds to the that means of darkness contained in the e book.

Put the sphinx contained in the darkness and you’ll get a brand new one.

This sphinx has the image of water.

Place it contained in the water.

You’re going to get a pyramidion piece. Put them collectively.

For the final pyramid piece, you must use your brush to brush away the sand on the chest.

You will notice a line of symbols.

Take a look at your purple e book and also you’ll see tips on how to depend them. You principally want so as to add the entire similar symbols collectively. For e.g. there are 3 of the 1,000 symbols. Add them to make 3,000.

There are two 3-lines you may add to type 6. Do the identical with the remainder.

You’re going to get the quantity 3426.

Use that quantity to get the important thing.

Unlock the chest to get the final pyramidion half.

Escape Simulator: Labyrinth Of Egypt First Chamber how to solve

Place the pyramidion on the center system and also you’ll get one of many door keys.

Escape Simulator: Labyrinth Of Egypt First Chamber all token locations

First door puzzle

The primary door I opened was the one with a maze.

You principally want to complete the maze and word the symbols that you just move by means of to complete the maze.

You’ll be able to comply with the picture under.

Second door puzzle

The second can be like a maze besides just one creature can end the maze and it’s the bee.

In case you lookup bee within the e book it’s bjh or bjt.

It’s unclear however the reply ends as much as be bjh. Simply comply with the symbols within the e book and remedy it to get the following door key.

Escape Simulator: Labyrinth Of Egypt First Chamber where to find tokens

Open the ultimate door and depart.

All eight token places in First Chamber

While you’re free, discover the eight tokens contained in the room.

One is hidden below a tile. Press the tile to maneuver it.

The subsequent one is on the eagle statue’s beak.

Third one is at a plant pot. Transfer it in order that the token drops.

Escape Simulator: Labyrinth Of Egypt First Chamber wiki

For the fourth one, use the comb to brush away the sand from the center podium. There’s a token beneath it.

Then, use the shovel to maneuver the rock away to disclose a token.

After opening the chest, you’ll discover cash. Place one coin within the water and also you’ll get a token.

There’s additionally a flask. Take a look at the flask and open the cap.

Dump the flask within the water. Take it and also you’ll see a token.

The final token is hidden in one other eagle statue. You’ll want to transfer the numbers to 2263 and the eagle will flip.

The token is then revealed.

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